Clinton White's pocket book

This is Clinton White's pocket book. This was Grandpa White's most treasured possession. This was his grandfathers wallet.

Grandpa used to bring this out for me to look at almost every time I came to visit. He would hold it in his hands and tell me all about Clinton and Jasper. He told me that he would let me have it when he was ready to let it go. I thought he was going to cry when he finally gave it to me. I am very proud to have it. Dennis
The lower flap must have wrapped across the front of the wallet and fed trough the loop on top. Look at the worn hole on the right.

Backside view of Clinton White's wallet. The finish was black. It is worn and very brittle, but it is also very soft. Can't beat good leather!
Notice the Andrew Jackson embossing on the flaps.

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